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With college costs going through the roof, not many of us have the option of writing a check for this year's tuition. Fortunately, there are many money sources for the student and virtually everyone can get a college education if they really want it.

Student loans are just one way of paying for college, and not even the preferred way. There are college grants, usually based on financial need. Most of these are from the federal or state governments, though there are some privately funded.

Then there are the college scholarships, thousands of scholarships based on financial need, academic achievement, home state, home town, employer, religion, club association, ethnicity and dozens of other criteria.

You should be checking your hometown newspaper regularly, as well as making frequent visits to your high school guidance office to gather information on the local scholarships available to you. There are several good scholarship books available and, of course, there is the internet to help with your research.

Before you begin, start a list that contains information about your family, like schools and churches attended, clubs and association memberships, subjects studied, ethnic background, employers, sports played and anything else you can think about. This list will help when you start your money search.

Student Loans will explain many of the financial options and point you to the right information. There are billions of dollars available through scholarships, grants and loans. Check through the site and find yours.

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